Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Weekly Goals

In addition to the much-loved iPod, David gave me a triathlon journal for my birthday. I've been filling it in daily, and really like it. This week I've set 3 goals:

1. Swim: 2 x :10 continuous
2. Bike: 5 x Prospect Park loop (16.75M)
3. Keep track of what I eat

I'll let you know how all of that goes!

Monday, I swam after work, then did a Pilates class. Both went well. I still seem to have some difficulty swimming alone - I lose motivation. But I did swim a continuous 10 minutes, so check one of those off!

Last night we had a 5.5M GTS run. The route took us in various directions around Central Park, including two short-ish uphills (FAST!) and once around the lower loop (1.7M). I never thought I'd say it, but I actually like running! I felt strong throughout the run, which is great, because that's almost race distance!

Of course, it's hard to measure pace - at least, it was hard to measure pace, until my fabulous new GTS arrived! It's a birthday present from my brother, Garth, which will work well with the performance monitor watch & heartrate monitor he bought me for Christmas. Such a clever fellow. Speaking of heart rate, that's another thing I'm going to start tracking more regularly - both resting and during activity.


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